Bamboo Toothbrush for Adults Dantesmile

Bamboo toothbrush Dantesmile Rainbow

Bamboo Toothbrush for Adults Dantesmile

Bamboo Toothbrush for Adults Dantesmile is made out of sustainable MOSO bamboo. The most sustainable type of “wood” is defenitely bamboo. Actually bamboo is not a tree, it is a kind of grass. Dantesmile bamboo toothbrushes are eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable (after removing the bristles).

Dantesmile bamboo toothbrush bristles are colourful – Why not start your day with a rainbow in your hand? 🙂 But they are also a high quality bristles. We are using Dupont nylon bristles (USA), soft. As a result our bristles clean your teeth very good and your gums are safe.

About MOSO bamboo

Moso bamboo a temperate species of giant timber bamboo native to China and Taiwan and naturalised also elsewhere, including Japan.

Only a few bamboos grow larger. In it’s native tropical environment, it can grow over 1m in just one day!

“MOSO” is derived from the chinese words “Mao Zhu” which means “hairy bamboo”. MOSO bamboo culms are covered with a very fine, velvety hair.

Panda Friendly

Bamboo used for making our toothbrushes is not eaten by pandas. Pandas usually eat other smaller species, the most often are these 3:

  • Pseudosasa japonica (arrow bamboo),
  • Phyllostachys nigra (black bamboo) and
  • Phyllostachys bissetii (bissetii bamboo).

How to use

You can use your bamboo toothbrush Dantesmile the same way as conventional toothbrush (approx. 3 months). Seems like the only difference is you have to keep your toothbrush dry. So you can dry it with a hand towel or just simply put it on the top of your glass horizontally. Therefore considering all the advantages this one extra step is really nothing.

What to do with your Dantesmile Bamboo Toothbrush after 3 months

After your toothbrush had served you well you can still use it fro some other “projects” and give it a second life:

  • cleaning your bathroom tiles
  • clenaing your bathrooms small corners
  • you can clean your machines
  • brush your depilator
  • or even clean your finger nails
  • etc.

With a pair of pliers you simply pull out the bristles. So the bristles go to the sorting according to your local regulations. The bamboo handle is compostable and of course naturally biodegradable.

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